What’s new in programmatic assessment? - GP Synergy

What’s new in programmatic assessment?

GP Synergy introduced programmatic assessment in 2020.1. We have been reviewing and refining programmatic assessment and the resources available to registrars and supervisors on GPRime.

The programmatic assessment landing page on GPRime and the associated documents have been updated to reflect these changes.

The impact of COVID-19 has meant that several components of programmatic assessment that were planned to begin in 2020 have needed to be deferred until 2021.

A summary of the changes to programmatic assessment in 2020.2 can be found here:

Programmatic Assessment itemChanges in 2020.2 training termPlans for 2021.1 training term
Initial observation session (IOS) – first 4 weeks of the training termUnchanged
• required in the first, second or third GP terms
• for third term registrars the IOS can contribute to the direct observation component of the week 12 competency assessment
• routinely required for registrars who change practice or supervisor part way through the term
• required if a registrar has a break in training of greater than three months
• no longer routinely required in Extended Skills, Mandatory Elective and Extension Assessment unless specifically requested
As per 2020.2
Multisource Feedback (MSF)Unchanged
• no change for ACRRM registrars
• Pilot Program to assess logistics Western subregion only - for RACGP registrars in first and second terms
Introduce for RACGP registrars in GPT1 in all regions
Mid-training review meetingDeferred until 2021Introduce for all registrars in their second GP term
Clinical Teaching VisitContinue remote CTVsReturn to face to face CTVs when possible
Procedural Skills LogUnchanged
• no change for ACRRM registrars
• completion date for GPT1 skills deferred to the end of GPT3 for RACGP registrars
Return to stages of completion of skills when possible