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Bowel cancer screening & surveillance

National guidelines for bowel cancer screening and surveillance were recently updated in 2017 and 2019. Although guideline adherence can improve outcomes and access to limited resources, this can be limited by increasing complexity. Even amongst specialists, the rate of concordance with national guideline recommendations has been reported at less than 50%.

This research project is an online 1.5 hour webinar which seeks to provide GPs and GP registrars with practical knowledge to allow them to confidently navigate the latest iterations of national guidelines with, and without, the assistance of a new digital web/mobile app. It will also provide participants with a chance to apply their knowledge using hypothetical case scenarios, and to provide their feedback and insights on the use of digital technology to support modern clinical practice, in primary and tertiary care.

All participants will be provided with ongoing access to the digital application (which can also be downloaded and accessed on a mobile device). CPD certificates (3 points) can also be provided on request. Data from the evening will be used to better understand the role of digital tools to support bowel cancer screening and surveillance, and colonoscopy in the setting of a PhD. Small group webinars are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 1930. Alternative times, including weekends can also be readily accommodated.

For further information, or to register your interest, please contact Dr Tsai-Wing Ow at: