Rural GP - GP Synergy

Rural GP

Female GP with 12 years experience

8.45 am

Check results and emails. Print off script requests.

9.15 am

  • 53 year old female, review of new mole  and skin check
  • 15 year old female, new patient, severe depression and self harm, suicidal ideation
  • 49 year old male, recent onset erectile dysfunction
  • 79 year old female, palliative care lung cancer
  • 85 year old male, review of webster pack confusion and neuropathic shingles pain
  • 35 year old female, chronic toe and ankle pain
  • 30 year old male, bilateral knee swelling and stiffness, likely psoriatic arthritis
  • 27 year old female, implanon counselling
  • 9 year old male, chickenpox infection
  • 9 year old male, impetigo infection
  • 38 year old female severe migraine consider venous thrombosis
  • 28 year old male, Centrelink report – back pain exacerbation.

1.15 pm

Quick lunch whilst listening to a 3rd year medical student present their ‘long cases’.

1.45 pm

  • 49yo female, new onset vertigo for investigation
  • 35yo female, anxiety and costochondritis
  • 55yo male, depression/anxiety and hypertension review
  • 33yo female, review rheumatoid arthritis medications.
  • 68yo female, pulmonary nodules for investigation
  • 69yo male, depression, diabetes and cardiovascular system review
  • 24yo female, new onset bilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy
  • 49yo female, anxiety regarding daughter’s eating disorder
  • 37yo male, testicular lump for investigation likely epididymal cyst
  • 89yo female, increasing confusion for investigation
  • 70yo female, UTI
  • 55yo male, skin cancer check up.

5.00 pm

Leave for the day.