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A Typical Day...

What does a GP registrar's typical day look like?

Have you ever wondered what a typical GP registrar's day looks like? What types of patients they treat? What type of medicine they see? Watch the short video below to explore the diversity of a day in general practice.

Curious to find out more about what GPs really see all day? We asked a number of GPs to keep a record of the presentations they saw in just one day to find out.

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Urban GP Registrar

Male GP with 1.5 year registrar experience

Enjoying the diversity of medicine.

Rural GP Registrar

Male GP with 1.5 year registrar experience

Despite some challenging moments, many rewarding moments.

Urban GP Registrar

Female GP with 2.5 year registrar experience

GP registrar seeing a good range of medicine.

Urban GP

Male GP with 4 years experience

A full time schedule, with patient consultations 8am – 5pm and one home visit.

Urban GP

Female GP with 5 months (post fellowship) experience

A full time role starting at 8.30am for results checking and patient consultations 9am – 5pm.

Rural Procedural GP (Obstetrics)

Male GP with 30 years experience

A rural procedural GP with Obstetrics specialisation, splitting time between practice and local hospital.

Urban GP

Male GP with 1.5 years experience

A full time workload, morning and afternoon sessions, with plenty of variation.

Regional Aboriginal Medical Service

Male GP with 3 months (post fellowship) experience

A new fellow and GP supervisor attending to patients and teaching sessions.

Rural GP

Female GP with 12 years experience

An experienced GP with a full time workload, as well as supervision of medical students.

Rural GP

Female GP with 7 years experience

Rural GP, GP supervisor and medical educator.