Two generations of GPs gather in Wagga Wagga - GP Synergy

Two generations of GPs gather in Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga played host to GPs and GP registrars from across the Murrumbidgee region this week. They attended workshops to ensure the next generation of GPs are highly skilled medical practitioners able to contribute to healthier local communities.

Although the GP registrars are fully qualified doctors, they’ve elected to specialise in general practice and are undertaking another three to four years training, mostly in a general practice setting supervised by an accredited local GP.

Dr Sue Wald Regional Head of Education ACT & Murrumbidgee said that GP Synergy designs and delivers regionally-tailored training programs, relevant to the communities where GP registrars are training.

“GP Synergy is committed to ensuring that registrars and supervisors receive the support they need so that GPs who are starting their careers receive the best medical training and realise what a great part of the world this is to live and practise in,” Dr Wald said.

Dr Trudi Beck is currently training in the Peter Street Medical Centre under the supervision of Dr Lee Jeffery. Neither are originally from Wagga Wagga, but after training here they’ve both decided to stay.

“Working as a GP, I’m loving the variation in presentations I see, as well as the flexibility I have in terms of raising a family and incorporating hospital work and obstetrics,” Dr Beck said.

“I came to Wagga Wagga in my third year of medical school and met a fellow medical student here – after moving away for further training we decided we couldn’t think of anywhere better to continue our careers and raise our kids,” she said.

Dr Jeffery has been assisting with supervision in the practice for the last 12-18 months and this is the first year she has been a primary supervisor for a registrar.

“GP registrars are the ‘lifeblood’ of future rural general practice,” Dr Jeffery said.

“If we want to attract young doctors to meet the needs of rural communities, we need to give them the opportunity to see rural general practice as it is really practised; by rural GPs who are passionate about their work and the communities they live in,” she said.

GP Synergy, delivers the Australian Government’s Australian General Practice Training program within NSW and ACT. The local medical and administrative team based in Wagga Wagga delivers GP training in the ACT & Murrumbidgee training subregion.

There are currently more than 80 GP registrars training in the subregion and 40 practices accredited to train them.