Transition update as at 18 August 2015 - GP Synergy

Transition update as at 18 August 2015

In the May 2014 Federal budget, it was announced there would be some changes to the federally funded Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program.

One of these changes is the restructure of the Regional Training Provider (RTP) network and GP training regions.

New training regions from 2016

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In April 2015, a new training region map was released, reducing the number of current training regions nationally from 19 to 11, and from six to three in NSW.

From 2016, the three training regions in NSW will be:

  • North Eastern NSW
  • Lower Eastern NSW
  • Western NSW

As a result of the training region changes, GP Synergy’s current rural pathway training footprint will be subsumed into the new North Eastern NSW training region and GP Synergy’s current general pathway training footprint will be split across two of the new regions. In broad terms, Sydney suburbs located north of Sydney Harbour will be subsumed into the new North Eastern NSW region, and suburbs located south of Sydney Harbour will be subsumed into the new Lower Eastern NSW region.

At the request of the Department of Health, existing registrars will be allocated to these new training regions taking into consideration a number of factors including the nodes or sub-regions within an existing RTP region, existing learning plans, distribution across regions, training obligations, registrar preferences including special circumstances if applicable, and selection scores (where demand for a training node or sub-region exceeds the places available) for applying the merit-based principle.

New applicants to the 2016 AGPT program, are required to apply to the new training regions.

For further information about training regions:

New training provider announcements

Current RTPs are contracted to deliver the AGPT program in their current training regions until 31 December 2015.

A competitive tender process is currently underway to determine which training organisations will be responsible for delivering training in these regions from 2016 onwards. It is expected that these organisation/s will be announced by October 2015. There will be a three month transition period from October to December 2015 between existing and any new providers.

We will ensure we keep all our registrars, training facilities and stakeholders updated as any news comes to hand, and we are committed to providing as much support as possible during this transition.