Top ten tips from the coalface - GP Synergy

Top ten tips from the coalface

Compiled by supervisors, for supervisors, at the 2019 Supervisor Professional Development Day.

  1. Set the rules of engagement early in the term including expectations for feedback and performance management.
  2. Direct observation is essential to teaching well-rounded GP skills including billing and administrative aspects.
  3. Address difficult issues early, don’t let a spot-fire turn into an inferno.
  4. Ask before tell – first assess why the registrar is doing something before telling them what to change.
  5. Use learning plans effectively; make the registrar complete them and look at them regularly! It’s a living plan and flexible.
  6. Feedback is a two-way street, get regular feedback from your registrar about how teaching is going.
  7. Have a coordinator to schedule teaching time e.g. practice nurse or practice manager.
  8. Vertical teaching – more advanced registrar to teach medical students or contribute to teaching a more junior registrar.
  9. We are training to be generalised – we need skills in all areas.
  10. Individualise feedback and use multisource feedback to facilitate this process.