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I’m pleased to let you know that the popular Supervisor Professional Development Workshop will be happening at the International Convention Centre Sydney on Saturday 22 June.

Over the years supervisors, including myself,  have found the workshop to be a joyful and vibrant event as all of us supervisors have the opportunity to catch up. The event also has an atmosphere of support and comfort for our supervisors. At present, the organising team has been meeting regularly to prepare the content for the workshop and to finalise the speakers .

Practice and Supervisor Quality Framework

In January 2019, GP Synergy provided all supervisors with its Practice and Supervisor Quality Framework. The framework contains four categories of measures: objective standards, objective behaviours, multisource feedback, and communication and professionalism. 

I would like to share with you my personal reflection on the quality framework:

The second measure, objective behaviours, is one category that each practice can do well with manageable efforts, and without demanding too much of the limited time that our supervisors struggle to find.

Reasons – the practice manager can prepare the documents. Those documents are tailored to each practice ( that is, policies and protocols on bullying and harassment, policies and protocols on work safety), but accessible via searches and collation.

  • Once those documents have been finalised, of course with the personal touch of the supervisors, they need only a short time for adjustment as required.
  • At accreditation time, the simple act of providing those tailored documents is already an objective evidence of proactive attitude of the practice in quality training.

 I’m hoping to say hello to many of you at Supervisor Professional Development Workshop.

 Cheers from the SLO team.

Cecile DinhSupervisor Liaison Officer Nepean, Western and Northern Sydney subregion.