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Changes to the GPRime2 Procedural Skills Log

Procedural skills are an essential component of general practice vocational training. The assessment process for registrars working towards FRACGP is being updated to ensure that registrars complete GP training with competence in basic procedural skills.

What is changing in the GPRime Procedural Skills Log for registrars?

Launching the Procedural Skills Log

Once the Procedural Skills Log in GPRime2 has been selected, you will notice the list of procedural skills has been reduced.

For registrars currently in GP terms it is strongly encouraged, but not compulsory, to be assessed as competent for the skills on the log. For registrars starting GPT1 from 2020.1, completion of procedural skills logs will be compulsory.

The procedural skills logs on GPrime are only applicable to RACGP and dual pathway registrars. ACRRM registrars will continue to complete procedural skills logs via the ACRRM website.

Categorising procedural skills under procedural skill category

  1. GPT1: procedural skill logs linked to this level must be assessed as competent by the end of GPT1.
  2. Completion of training: procedural skills linked to this level must be assessed as competent by completion of training.
  3. Desirable: procedural skills linked to this level are not mandatory but are desirable to complete.

How can I get my procedural skills assessed and approved?

There are two ways to get your procedural skills assessed and approved.

  1. If you have documented evidence that you have had the skill assessed in a hospital term, workshop or external event, you may submit this evidence for sign off by your medical educator. There is a form on GPrime that you can download if required.
  2. The procedural skills to be assessed in your GP terms should be submitted to your supervisor for review and sign off.

Improvements to the user interface

Improvements have been made to the user interface resulting in cleaner layout, buttons, drop-down boxes and groupings of procedural skills.


If you have any questions about using the Procedural Skills Log, please contact