Registrar feedback survey results - GP Synergy

Registrar feedback survey results

As part of the bi-annual re-enrolment process, we ask registrars to provide feedback on key training areas such as the GP Synergy education program, their in-practice supervision and teaching, their interactions with GP Synergy staff, the GP term placement as well as some general feedback about their experience training with us.

During the 2020.2 enrolment process, 94% of registrars (1439 of 1525) completed the feedback survey component.

Registrar feedback plays an important role in our quality improvement process. Registrars can provide feedback in many different ways. The re-enrolment survey is just one form of registrar feedback. Registrar responses are de-identified and collated into a report and distributed to the Regional Heads of Education (RHoEs) for each subregion and senior management team for review, discussion and where appropriate, action.

2020.2 re-enrolment survey results

Overall satisfaction with GP Synergy is at its highest level in four years

We are pleased to report registrar’s overall satisfaction with GP Synergy has remained high over the past seven consecutive terms. We are delighted that in the 2020.2 re-enrolment survey, 86.8% of registrars were satisfied with GP Synergy (the highest level yet), 10.7% neither satisfied or dissatisfied and 2.5% dissatisfied.

Satisfaction with the GP Synergy education program remains high

Registrar satisfaction with the GP Synergy education program also remain high, with 87% of question respondents satisfied overall and improvements in satisfaction across all areas including relevance, quality and ability to provide feedback. 11% of respondents made comments about the education program, with the two most common responses relating to registrars wanting more GPT3 education and exam preparation. This feedback is being considered by regional education teams for the 2021 program.

In-practice supervision and teaching feedback is extremely positive

Overall satisfaction with in-practice supervision and teaching continues to remains very positive, with 91% of question respondents satisfied with their experience (up from 88% the previous term).

12% of respondents made comments regarding their in-practice experience. The majority were positive comments, with a small number suggesting a variety of suggestions for improvements, as well as some comments about the impact of COVID-19 such as cancelled or rescheduled CTVs.

Interactions with GP Synergy staff remain positive

Registrars satisfaction with interaction with GP Synergy staff has improved since last term, with the highest areas of satisfaction being staff willingness to help (89%), prompt responses to registrar queries (86%) and feeling supported (86%).

Satisfaction with GP term placement has increased

Registrar satisfaction with term placement increased to 82% up from 77% last term.

The 2020.2 GP term placement process took place during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. To support registrars and training facilities during this time, we facilitated the opportunity for all registrars to stay on in their current practice if they choose to do so.

We recognise that for some registrars, the process of applying for a placement is a new experience and can be challenging. In the re-enrolment survey, 12% of registrars experienced challenges in the process, ranging from competing with other GP registrars for placements, securing their preferred placement, finding time to attend interviews, and issues relating to COVID-19, amongst others.

We encourage registrars, particularly those at the start of their training, to access the GP term placement resources such as the term placement webinar and registrar toolkit, to learn about the process as well as useful hints. We are working on some additional resources to help support registrars manage this process which can sometimes feel stressful. We highly recommend contacting your local education coordinator and/or medical educator early in the process for support and advice if you experience any issues.

We are also working more closely with practices in the lead up to 2021.1 term placement, to provide greater visibility around their intention to retain existing registrars and opportunities for registrars in their earlier stages of training.