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ReCEnT goes online, changes & timetable

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As most of you know, (and ‘welcome’ to those who are new), ReCEnT involves recording information about your clinical consultations each GP training term – and from 2020 it is online!

ReCEnT is an important tool to aid reflection on your practice and educational and training needs. The more complete your clinical information the more useful ReCEnT is to you. Critical evaluation is encouraged in interpreting your ReCEnT report (remembering that ReCEnT is a reflective exercise, not a benchmarking exercise):

  • Was this a typical week?
  • Are the results unexpected?
  • Am I different from other registrars? If so, why might that be?
  • Am I getting an adequate range of clinical presentations for optimal learning (and exam preparation)?
  • Do I need to reconsider any aspect of my practice?

Important change to ReCEnT

With the advent of telehealth, the courtesy process of informing patients about ReCEnT is no longer practicable and will no longer be undertaken. Therefore, your practice staff will not be providing your patients with an information sheet.

As always, it remains the case that you do not need to gain consent from your patient for your involvement in ReCEnT. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ReCEnT project team on

How does ReCEnT Online work?

The project requires GP registrars to:

  • complete online encounter forms, recording details of 60 consecutive consultations
  • complete a registrar and practice characteristic questionnaire.

Registrars will be able to access ReCEnT Online via GPrime once they receive an invitation email. You will find a link to ReCEnT Online under Quick Links & Subscriptions. There will also be an instructional video that you can watch if you’re not sure how to complete the forms. You can find more information in GPrime at ReCEnT Program.

GP registrars are provided with a feedback report that compares their consultations to the larger group of registrars and national GP data. Registrars are strongly encouraged to discuss this information with their supervisors and their medical educators. Feedback reports are accessible in GPrime by medical educators and supervisors, and we recommend discussion of feedback reports at training advisor contacts or via email.

ReCEnT and research

As well as this primary educational function, ReCEnT has a research function which allows ReCEnT findings to inform GP Synergy’s educational program, and GP training in Australia more generally. Your data is used for research purposes only with your written consent.  You can find details of research findings from  ReCEnT at our Research subsite .

2020.2 ReCEnT timetable

All subregions
Term 1: ReCEnT Orientation11 August (webinar)
Invitation email to start completionDue date
First GP term28 September26 October
Second GP term14 September12 October
Third GP term19 September16 November

NOTE: if you don’t start your GP training term on the 3 August you may receive your invitation email at a later date.

If you have any questions about starting and completing your ReCEnT Online forms, please contact Katie Mulquiney or 02 8321 4242.

If you have any questions about the overall project, please contact Parker Magin or 02 8321 4540.