Random case analysis will form part of CTV 2 and 3 for all registrars - GP Synergy

Random case analysis will form part of CTV 2 and 3 for all registrars

From the start of term 2020.1 conducting an Random Case Analysis (RCA) during the CTV will be a requirement for the second CTV and third CTV for each registrar.

For these CT visits it is expected that one RCA will be completed and would take up 30 minutes of time allocated for the CTV. There is no change to the duration of the CTV.

This means that when booking the CTV the registrar and practice will need to make arrangements to have a suitable period of time blocked off during the CTV for this to occur.

Our recommendation for scheduling during CTV2 and CTV3 is that the first patient be booked in 45 minutes after the start of the CTV to allow the RCA to be completed without any patient present after the initial introductions and learning discussions with the CTV visitor.

The usual 30 minute bookings for observing patients (i.e. no more than two patients per hour) would commence after that.

The information sent to the registrar, practice and supervisor automatically via GPRime when a visit is accepted will be updated to reflect these changes, summarised below.

Which CTV?How many patient consultations should be observed?Ideally when is the first patient booked in?Is RCA included?How should patients be scheduled?How long is the CTV?
1, 4 or 54 or more15 minutes after the CTV start timeOptional if time allowsTwo per hour after initial 15 minutes for discussion3 hours
2 and 33 or more45 minutes after the CTV start timeYesTwo per hour after initial discussion and RCA3 hours

Please note, RCA during CTVs does not replace the need to observe patients in practice but can be a useful alternative when limited patients are available during a CTV.

In the event that you observe only a couple of consultations during the CTV further RCA can be done for the remainder of the time allocated to the CTV.

As the CTV visitor you should proceed with the CTV even if upon arrival patients are not booked in for the scheduled CTV time.

The practice can use the time you’re conducting RCA to see if patients can be booked in for later in the visit. In the very unlikely event that no patient consultations are observed and only RCAs are conducted then GP Synergy will make an assessment whether a further CTV needs to be scheduled.