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2019 National Registrar Survey

You may have received an email inviting you to participate in the National Registrar Survey (NRS). Each year the Australian Government commissions an external research ...
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Supervisors Requiring Additional Assistance Policy update

There has been an amendment to the Supervisors Requiring Additional Assistance Policy: Section amendment –GP Synergy will seek to assist wherever possible a supervisor ...
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Seasonal celebrations are approaching!

Our end-of-year seasonal celebrations will be held in each of our training subregions during November and December 2019. The events are a welcome opportunity to ...
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ACCHS Practice Manager Workshop

The third ACCHS practice manager workshop was held on Friday 20 September in Sydney. In attendance were ACCHS delegates from far and wide, from Ballina ...
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Aboriginal health training workshops

GP Synergy provides Aboriginal health training workshops for all GP registrars in their first or second term of training. This training includes Aboriginal history and ...
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Are you using our exam preparation resources?

If you head to GPRime and use 'Forms, Documents & Links' to search for 'exam preparation' you'll find exam preparation advice and resources for both ...
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Policy update

Two policies have recently been updated – the GP Synergy Completion of Training Policy and the GP Synergy Training Location Obligations Policy. GP Synergy Completion ...
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GPTEC 2019 wrap up

The General Practice Training and Education Conference (GPTEC) 2019 was held in Melbourne 3 – 5 September 2019. The conference is the only Australian conference ...
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Caring for Kids survey

Check your email inbox for the Caring for Kids survey. It's a national online survey about your experiences and confidence levels in paediatrics. The survey ...
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Rural Generalist Foundation Year applications open

    The Rural Generalist Foundation Year (year one) provides an introduction to the NSW Rural Generalist Medical Training Program and the opportunity for trainees ...
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Have you completed the Research Skills eLearning module?

Registrars who have completed the online Research Skills eLearning module in the past six months (particularly those enrolled in the rural pathway) are being invited ...
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Are you interested in becoming a Registrar Liaison Officer?

Are you interested in advocating for GP registrars, contributing to communications, participating in educational opportunities and program functions key to the transition period into and ...
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