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Practice Experience Pathway (PEP) off to a flying start

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In February 2019, 54 participants joined the RACGP Practice Experience Program (PEP) in NSW and ACT – a self-directed education program designed to support non-vocationally registered (non-VR) doctors on their pathway to RACGP Fellowship. The NSW and ACT cohort is the largest cohort nationally.

GP Synergy’s role in the program is to:

  • provide administrative support for the participant to assist with coordination of program activities
  • provide mentor support by providing feedback on the participant’s progress through the PEP learning units and on longitudinal assessments
  • coordinate workplace-based assessments of the participants or an alternative.

In NSW & ACT, the program is being led by GP Synergy’s Dr Rula Ali, Head of Practice Experience Program with medical education and administrative support.

As our participants come from different educational backgrounds and different experiences, this program aims to tailor their support according to their individual learning gaps. It is a self-directed educational program with targeted input on individual learning needs.  The program is designed by the RACGP and delivered in conjunction with Regional Training Organisations (RTOs). Each participant has a RTO mentor who monitors their progress in the program and provides the participants with feedback on performance and advice on the program.

NSW and ACT participants have attended an induction with us, and have commenced the process of direct observation. As some participants work in after hours or in remote areas, they will attend a simulated session in Sydney where a direct observation of their consultation skills will be assessed in a simulated manner using role play.

We are also hosting elective educational webinars which are attracting lots of interest, the first focused on medico-legal and ethical issues in general practice, and further webinars tailored to the participants needs are being planned.

For further information about PEP visit the RACGP website. Please direct any GP Synergy PEP related enquiries to or 1300 477 963.