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In response to supervisor, practice manager and registrar feedback, the following changes are being implemented for 2020.1 (3 Feb – 2 Aug 2020) term placement:

  • For 2020, GP Synergy will be trialing setting practices caps once at the start of the training year (2020.1), not every six-month term. Registrars will still need to re-apply for placements and provider numbers every six months.
  • Practices will now be able to continue to receive applications (if they choose to do so) whilst they are making offers to registrars.
  • There will be a two-week hiatus after the term placement lists open for application during which GP Synergy will not process paperwork, to allow practices and registrars more time to consider offers. Offers can still be made during this time, and if accepted, cannot be rescinded by either the practice or the registrar.

Advising training capacity for 2020.1

If your practice would like to participate in GP training in the first half of 2020 (2020.1) you will need to advise your ‘training capacity’ and update your ‘practice profile’ between 9 Sept – 1 Oct 2019 in GPRime to promote your practice placement to registrars.

Other key dates are:

9 Sept – 1 Oct 2019 – update your 2020.1 training vacancies in GPRime2: 

  • If your profile is not updated by this date you may not be able to advertise placements to registrars for the 2020.1 term.
  • If you do not want registrars contacting your practice in advance of placement lists opening please indicate this on your practice profile. See the Term Placement Handbook for Practices for further information.
  • Should a practice wish to update its training capacity after 1 Oct, this will be subject to review by the Regional Head of Education.

2 – 15 Oct 2019 – Practice and supervisor cap review:

  •  GP Synergy will review the available capacity in your subregion based on the information updated from practices and registrar re-enrolment.
  • Following this review, GP Synergy will apply a cap on the number of registrars per practice or per supervisor to ensure equitable distribution across the subregion. 
  • In 2020, GP Synergy will be trialling setting this cap annually, at the start of the training year.

16 Oct 2019 – Practices notified of practice caps.

21 Oct 2019 – Registrars will be able to apply to practices within their assigned grouping.

Further information

Term placement webinar for practices and supervisors new to term placement:

On Tuesday 10 September we hosted a term placement webinar to provide an overview of the term placement process including updating training capacity in GPRime, the importance of the practice profile and best practice examples, selection techniques, contracts and registrar negotiation. If you missed it the webinar was recorded and is available on GPRime.

For further assistance:

Please don’t hesitate to contact your local Practice Liaison and Support Coordinator if you require any assistance at any time.