Our Oxfam Trailwalker teams are training hard! - GP Synergy

Our Oxfam Trailwalker teams are training hard!

Our teams taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker 23–25 August 2019, are training hard.

One member of the 100 km team, Dr Dasun Ganhewa, has even taken her training international with a hike in Italy’s Dolomite region! Closer to home Dr Joe Kent has been sharing photos of training with his four legged training partner around beautiful Kiama. Check out our web banner of the 100 km team in action.

It’s a gruelling course with a tight timeframe for completion.

Money raised goes to Oxfam projects including helping families access clean drinking water, installing toilets and hand washing stall to help stop the spread of diarrhoea and cholera, building schools and training teachers, providing seeds for rural communities to grown food, and emergency relief after natural disasters.

Both teams have set their fundraising targets and you can donate at the links below.

Members of the GP Synergy 100 km (48 hr) team are:

  • Dr Joe Kent – GP supervisor
  • Dr Holly Murphy – GP registrar
  • Dr Alice Fraser – GP registrar
  • Dr Dasun Ganhewa – GP registrar.

Members of the GP Synergy 50 km (24 hr) team are:

  • Dr Michael Bonning – GP Synergy Director
  • Sally Lucas – GP Synergy staff
  • Dr Marjorie Cross – GP Synergy medical educator and GP supervisor
  • Dr Annabelle Wood – GP registrar.

We’ll bring you an update on how both teams fared in next month’s training update!