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Our COVID-19 innovations

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we instigated a range of innovations – from converting to online education to remote delivery of CTVs – so as to ensure that GP training continued with as little interruption as possible.


Our Covid-19 innovations


1600 hours education converted online

Our eight local education and event coordination teams converted their registrar and supervisor education to online delivery.


New telehealth resources

New resources including supervision guidelines and plans were developed to support supervisors and registrars.


Zoom capabilities extended

Our existing zoom infrastructure was ramped up to support increased requirements across the organisation including integration with GPrime.


Respiratory clinic training opportunities

We worked with local stakeholders to enable registrars to participate in respiratory clinics and hospitals surge planning as part of their training.


Remote connectivity platforms added

A remote telephony system was introduced to ensure uninterrupted contact with stakeholders, in addition to Microsoft Teams launched for internal staff connectivity.


Registrar wellbeing support payment

$200 was available to assist registrars support their personal wellbeing, with more than 1300 claims processed by our finance team.


GPRime upgrades

Our training system was updated to enable easier access for users to new online forms and additions such as Telehealth consults to practice logs.


New mandatory term alternatives

A new modal was developed for RACGP registrars to meet surgery and general medicine mandatory terms impacted by COVID-19.


2200+ CTVs delivered remotely

Face-to-face direct observations for AGPT registrars and PEP participants were delivered via a new remote format.


Training time facilitation

Our education and administrative teams streamlined processes for GP registrars whose training time was impacted by COVID-19.


Border bubble support

Doctors caught in the border bubble were supported with pastoral care, extra education and other support by our teams.


ReCEnT moved online

The flagship ReCEnT research project was rolled out online.


Additional supervision payment

Supervisors received an additional three-hour teaching payment for each GP registrar trained in 2020.


~500 selection interviews moved online

Over 12 days, just under 500 AGPT applications were interviewed in a new online format, previously F2F.


New JMO online education

A new JMO webinar education series was rolled out in addition to conversion of JMO teaching online.


Support for GP Synergy team members

Team member wellbeing during new remote working arrangements was supported with remote team building activities and wellbeing initiatives.