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New alternatives for mandatory hospital terms

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GP Synergy and the RACGP are aware that there have been significant disruptions to hospital terms for JMOs during the COVID-19 pandemic. These disruptions include JMO rotations being cancelled or significantly changed from original plans. 

If you are considering applying to GP training, we would like to work with you to proactively meet any gaps in the JMO curriculum and mandatory term requirements so you are GP term ready at the commencement of training in 2021 (for PGY2 doctors) or meet your intern requirements.


In addition to the alternative ways you can meet your paediatric requirement outlined in the RACGP Paediatric Term Requirements, GP Synergy has RACGP approval for an additional alternative way to meet the paediatric term requirement. This is outlined in the ‘NAPPE’ – the NSW and ACT Pre GP Paediatric Equivalent.

Under the NAPPE, doctors can meet their paediatric requirement by completion of one half of a paediatric term or one emergency term* with >20% paediatric presentations, in addition to a number of courses and exposure signed off by their supervisor in their first GP term.

View GP Synergy NAPPE – NSW and ACT Pre GP Paediatric Equivalent

Surgery and medicine

We are currently working with the RACGP on medical and surgical mandatory term alternatives which will be available shortly.

For more information

Visit the RACGP mandatory terms page. Information about ACRRM mandatory terms can also be found on our website.

If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 1300 477 963.