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Multisource Feedback (MSF) for RACGP GPT1 registrars

In line with the third edition of the RACGP Standards for GP Training, a new Multisource Feedback (MSF) assessment is being introduced for most GPT1 registrars this term.

MSF assessment involves surveys of both patients and practice staff. The feedback obtained helps you understand how others have perceived a consultation with you, or your participation in the practice, and  assists you to reflect on your performance and create opportunities for improvement.

There are a number of exceptions where MSF will begin next term for current GPT1 registrars, these are:

  • where practices previously elected to ‘opt out’ of participating in MSF this term (due to recent severe weather events, COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, etc.)
  • registrars who are working less than 19 hours per week.

Once completed, you will receive feedback reports for reflection and discussion with your supervisor to develop a plan for improvement. The survey report and the practice staff feedback reports are generated separately and may arrive at different times as each report is issued once the relevant data is received and processed. Your medical educator will receive a copy of all feedback provided and this can be discussed at your next training advisory contact.

If you would like further information about  MSF in the interim, please see the MSF assessment page on GPRime under ‘Form & Documents’.