More GPs for Southwestern Sydney - Dr Land Phan, Moorebank - GP Synergy

More GPs for Southwestern Sydney – Dr Land Phan, Moorebank

GP Synergy GP Registrar, Dr Land Phan
Record numbers of doctors are training to become GPs in some of Sydney’s most disadvantaged areas.

According to GP Synergy – the largest general practice training provider in NSW, over the past six years the number of doctors training to become GPs across southern and southwestern Sydney has increased rapidly.

“Since 2009 the number of GP registrars training in south/southwest Sydney has more than doubled, from 55 GP registrars in 2009 to 114 in 2015,” says GP Synergy Chief Executive Officer, Mr Oldfield.

“In full-time equivalency terms, this equates to a 118% increase.

“For many under-serviced communities, this growth provides a critical boost in local primary healthcare provision,” he says.

Dr Land Phan, a GP Synergy registrar currently undertaking her first general practice term in a Moorebank general practice, agrees.

“I firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, and I think it is important that we have more people to care for the constantly growing and changing population.

“It just makes sense to train more people as competent and capable GPs,” she says.

To become a GP, doctors spend three to four years in a federally funded GP training program, working in a combination of hospital and community general practice settings to build their skills, and sit rigorous examinations.

Dr Phan spent several years in hospital training before starting in a general practice, and is excited about the new role she will play in the community she grew up in.

“I’m looking forward to finally being able to work in the community that I wanted to help in the first place,” says Dr Phan.

“I’ve grown up here so it feels like home – and being a GP means I get to meet people on a very personal level and help them individually,” she says.

“I’ve been lucky and have always felt very well supported here – and people come from all walks of life around here and have amazing stories to tell.”

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