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Meet a Supervisor Liaison Officer

Dr Cecile Dinh (pictured centre) is the Supervisor Liaison Officer (SLO) for Nepean, Western and Northern Sydney, she shares with us her story and why she was motivated to become an SLO.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I am currently working as a GP in Blaxland , which is located in the Lower Blue Mountains area, near Penrith.

I’ve been in the same area since I started general practice in 1987. I started as a solo GP and welcomed my first registrar in 2007. I then welcomed medical students and PGPPP Junior Medical Officers. I now work part time in the practice with another full time GP and her registrars.

Why did you decide to become a GP?

After three years of hospital post graduate training rotation, I wanted to “terminate” my life of rostered shift work. I also felt the desire to work in an environment of continuity of care for the patients who happened to come to the hospitals from all walks of life.

What do you like most about being a GP?

I like and appreciate the privilege of knowing the patients so intimately that I can make health changes and improve outcomes.

What motivated you to become an SLO?

After I took my first registrar, I wanted to know in-depth all my obligations in my task of training that registrar. Being a solo GP, I also was aware of the changes and struggles that a small business practice has to be ready for. I wanted  to be able to  share my experiences and to voice supervisors’  needs to the training bodies. At that time (2009), Wentwest offered a new position of SLO for which I applied.

What do you like best about being an SLO?

I always feel thrilled and uplifted when it is time to go and attend the national meetings of all the SLOs from across the country! It is a time of collective evaluation and reflection on all matters that are pertinent to supervisors’ welfare. I feel I can contribute by sharing my thoughts and ideas and I take home new ideas and new vision for the future.