Medical student scholarship recipients contributing to evidence based medicine in GP - GP Synergy

Medical student scholarship recipients contributing to evidence based medicine in GP

Scholarships_large_GP_Synergy_Medical_Student_NSW_GP_TrainingAn impressive range of research projects are currently being undertaken by the 2014 GP Synergy medical student scholarship students, with topics ranging from emergency department handovers to how GPs make prescribing decisions.

Each year, GP Synergy awards ten scholarships to students at UNSW, UNE, UND, UWS and USYD to explore general practice research and general practice more broadly.

Eight of the ten 2014 scholarship recipients are working on new research projects they have developed themselves, and two are working on existing projects being undertaken by their university. To help them navigate the research environment they work closely with their university’s academic GP unit and also receive support from GP Synergy’s medical educator, Dr Rula Ali during their research journey.

These exciting research projects include:

  • Chris Purcell, UNE: Chris has obtained ethics approval for her project investigating the art of general practice prescribing. The project attempts to find out what factors, other than the medical sciences, may influence prescriptions to patients. She has distributed an online survey and is awaiting results for data analysis.
  • Lieu Chi Nguyen, UNE:  Lieu Chi is currently awaiting ethics approval for her project looking into gestational DM as a risk factor for postnatal depression.
  • Lin Lee Yeong, UNSW: With her university, Lin Lee is exploring the GP referral and obese patients. The project has received ethics approval and 24 interviews with GPs have been completed. Yin Yee will be part of the team presenting the research findings at the Australian Primary Healthcare Conference.
  • Nathan Jamieson, UNSW: Nathan is undertaking a literature review exploring diabetes registry and Rx.
  • Kate Sandy, UWS: Kate has undertaken several video interviews with psychiatric patients for her research project which examines the evaluation of educational needs of medical students in general practice and community management of substance misuse, and evaluation of video triggers in medical student education on management of substance misuse in GP & community.
  • Nikhil Khandavalli, UWS: Nikhil is undertaking a research study investigating the differences in consultation styles of GP registrars compared with experienced GPs. He is undertaking an extensive literature review.
  • Emily Nash, UND: Emily is assessing the quality of clinical handover from general practice to emergency departments. She has obtained approval to access the relevant medical records from a large Sydney hospital for analysis.
  • Ivonne Lichtenberg, UND: Ivonne is undertaking a project with her university investigating exercise intervention for diabetes prevention using phone apps. She is currently awaiting ethics approval.
  • Orit Holtzman-Assif, USYD: Orit is examining the attitudes of GPs to breast feeding. She has obtained ethics approval and is undertaking interviews with GPs.
  • Yvonne Nguyen, USYD: Yvonne is examining the GP & pharmacist collaboration: how to improve communication between the two. She is currently waiting for ethics approval.

For information about the 2015 program, visit the 2015 GP Synergy Medical Student Scholarship Program page.