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Local GPs lead the way on transgender health

Dr Steve Kelly of Warabrook Doctors is not only leading the way in ensuring an inclusive general practice, he’s also a role model to doctors training with GP Synergy to become specialist GPs.

“I became a GP as I wanted to look after people long term,” Dr Kelly said.

“I developed my interest in transgender health when I met my first transgender patients and understood their health needs were completely different.

“Then I basically spent time transforming my practice so that it was more inclusive.

“About six years ago, I was a founding member with a group of colleagues and consumers that formed the Hunter Gender Alliance, to improve the rights, health and lives of transgender people.”

Dr Natalie Yeung recently completed her GP training with GP Synergy through the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program, which enabled her to spend more than a year training with Dr Kelly to develop her skills in transgender health and she is now staying on as a specialist GP at Warabrook Doctors.

“I think it’s the patients and the relationships you build with the people and the families that you meet and see that made me choose general practice,” Dr Yeung said.

“I came to train in this practice knowing that Steve had a subspecialty in transgender health, and I’ve been inspired by Steve.

“Newcastle is a wonderful area to train in, and now work in, as there are subspecialists and specialists around that can support you.”

Mrs Georgina van de Water, CEO of GP Synergy the regional GP training organisation based in Newcastle, said AGPT provides a unique opportunity for doctors to develop specialised skills relevant to local communities in a supervised setting.

“Understanding their community’s needs mean that many GPs develop subspecialties and interests,” Mrs van de Water said.

“Accredited GP supervisors play a crucial role in ensuring trainee GPs develop the skills and knowledge needed to understand and meet local population health care needs.

“Dr Kelly is one of 275 accredited supervisors in the Hunter, Manning and Central Coast region, who work tirelessly to share their knowledge.”

Ms Amber Taylor attends the practice due to the experience that Dr Kelly and Dr Yeung have.

“They deeply understand all sorts of different transgender issues,” Ms Taylor said.

“I love coming here because I’m not looked down on, I’m respected and treated like just a normal everyday person who has something that they want to achieve, and these guys help me achieve it.”


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