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Local GP features Deniliquin in award-winning video

Dr Rachel James loves being a GP obstetrician in Deniliquin and wants to tell medical students and other doctors how great it is.

Her video, providing a glimpse into the rewards and work-life-balance that rural general practice in Deniliquin can offer, has won first prize in the GP Synergy Rural General Practice Video Competition.

Dr James, originally from Perth, has been living and working in Deniliquin for more than 12 months, and is intending to stay for the longer term.

“My husband’s mother spent her childhood here, so there was a connection.

“We visited and it was so beautiful, the river was so beautiful, and everybody was so welcoming, so we thought, why don’t we give it a go?

“I have to admit, when I first started medical school, becoming a rural GP wasn’t first on my list.

“I wanted to have a meaningful career and it soon became obvious that the way to do that was rural practice.

“Then I fell in love with obstetrics, but I felt strange saying goodbye to women after they’ve had their baby, being a GP obstetrician means I can continue that relationship and care after the baby is born.

“The best thing about being a GP obstetrician in Deniliquin, is the patients, I love the continuity of care and the fact that I can help people through lots of different stages of life and different issues.

“I’m so excited to have won the competition, it was fun doing something that wasn’t quite medicine and a bit creative.

“I entered the video competition because we would love more GPs working in our community, we have a great job and certainly have space for more doctors.

“We want a vibrant team of GPs in our community so we can work together to develop our skills and be there to support one another.

“I wanted to let people know not just what the job’s like but what the lifestyle is like, I wanted to show what a great place Deniliquin is,” Dr James said.

GP Synergy CEO, John Oldfield, congratulated Dr James on winning first prize.

“It’s been a pleasure to see the submitted videos, and the passion that doctors and practice staff have for their communities and providing them with the best care.

“As a provider of general practice training, we don’t just aim to train doctors specialising as GPs, but also to encourage training and working in communities of need.

“The video entries help tell the story about the rewards and work-life-balance that rural general practice can offer,” Mr Oldfield said.


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