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Important information for practices seeking registrars in 2019.2

If you are seeking a registrar in the second half of 2019 (the 2019.2 term) you will need to advise your training capacity and update your practice profile between 11 March – 2 April 2019, in GPRime2.

Important points to note:

  • Registrars who train 28 hours = 0.5 in the cap and registrars who train between 28.1 hours and 38 hours = 1 in the cap.
  • Registrars who will be in an Extension Awaiting Fellowship (EAF) term will be included in the cap.
  • Registrars can spend longer than six months in a training facility. In doing so, registrars must ensure they are able to meet their training location requirements for their subregion and any college requirements which may apply to them (i.e. RACGP requires registrars train across two practices during their training).
  • How you select registrars to train in your practice is up to you. It is not a mandatory requirement to interview all of the registrars who apply to your practice.
  • Applications for placements must be made through GPRime2. Placements will only be confirmed when GP Synergy receives co-signed copies of term placement paperwork through GPRime2. No other method of confirmation will be accepted.

Term placement dates

11 March – 2 April 2019: Update your 2019.2 training vacancies in GPRime2.

  • If your profile is not updated by this date you may not be able to advertise placements to registrars for the 2019.2 term.

3 – 16 April 2019: Practice and supervisor cap review.

  • GP Synergy will review the available capacity in your subregion based on the information updated from practices and registrar re-enrolment.
  • Following this review, GP Synergy may apply a cap on the number of registrars per practice or per supervisor to ensure equitable distribution across the subregion.
  • Due to fluctuations in practice capacity and registrar numbers, this cap may vary from term to term.

17 April 2019: Practices notified of practice caps.

23 April 2019: Registrars will be able to apply to practices within their assigned grouping.

Useful resources

There are a number of useful resources available on GPRime2 under Forms, Documents and Links called Term Placement Information for Practices. This includes:

  • Overview of Term Placement for Supervisors and Practices
  • Term Placement FAQs for Supervisors and Practices
  • Practice Caps Explained: video by CEO John Oldfield
  • Term placement GPRime2 instructional videos.

Webinar for practice staff and supervisors new to term placement

PLSOs will be holding a practical webinar to help new practice staff and supervisors:

  1. understand how term placement works
  2. learn how to update their training capacity in GPRime2
  3. understand the importance of the practice profile in GPRime2 and best practice examples
  4. discuss selection techniques for selecting registrars
  5. discuss contracts and registrar negotiation.

A recording of the webinar will be available on GPRime2 under Forms, Documents and Links called Term Placement Information for Practice’.

Webinar date and how to register:

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