Hills GPs committed to training next generation - GP Synergy

Hills GPs committed to training next generation

Dr Snehal Patel

The Hills district is well placed to attract and keep the next generation of GPs, with 50 local general practitioners gathering in Castle Hill to hone their skills in training GP registrars.

Dr Graham Lee GP Synergy’s Deputy Director of Education and Training ACT and NSW, and Baulkham Hills based GP, said the turnout of such a large number of GPs at last night’s workshop, is testament to the commitment of local GPs to ensuring the next generation of highly trained GPs.

“GP registrars are fully qualified doctors who undertake another three to four years specialised training to become a GP.

“They undertake this training largely through on-the-job training supervised by an accredited local GP,” Dr Lee said.

One of the GPs attending the professional development workshop was Dr Snehal Patel from the Knightsbridge Medical Centre in Castle Hill and the Bligh Park Family Practice. Dr Patel has been supervising registrars for 15 years as it provides an opportunity to impart knowledge to young doctors.

“It’s important to have good training practices, and good supervisors, as it makes for well-trained registrars and therefore good doctors for the future.

“There are two registrars training with us at the moment. They get a feel for the community in which they’re practising and if they enjoy it they’re more likely to stay.

“We have two past registrars who have passed their exams and stayed on, so it’s a real benefit to the clinic,” Dr Patel said.

Dr Lee agrees.

“GP Synergy recognises that if registrars enjoy their time in a community the chances of them staying for the longer term is greater, so we’re committed to ensuring that both registrars and supervisors receive the support they need.”

GP Synergy is currently coordinating the training of more than 200 registrars in accredited general practices in the Nepean, Western and Northern Sydney training subregion.