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Heading into a new practice this term?

Whether it’s your first GP term or your last GP term, if you are heading into a new practice there are a number of important activities that you need to complete with your supervisor.

For the latest and more detailed information about your GP training requirements, here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. Contact your medical educator to discuss your GP training
  2. Review the GP Synergy ACRRM and/or RACGP registrar toolkits. You will find shortcuts to these on the top menu bar once logged into GPRime.
  3. Review the ‘Training requirements at a glance’ guide for ACRRM and/or RACGP registrars. You will find these in the toolkits too.

Day 1 Practice orientation: when you start in a new practice, it is important you are properly orientated. To help practices orientate registrars to a practice, we have developed some orientation resources which registrars can also access. Check them out in the registrar toolkit!

Week 1-4 Direct observation: an Initial Observation Session (IOS) is required in the first 4 weeks of the training term if your registrar is in their first, second or third GP terms. For third term registrars the IOS can contribute to the direct observation component of the week 12 competency assessment.

By Week 4 Discuss your learning plan needs and the supervision and teaching plan with your supervisor: within the first few weeks of term your supervisor will spend time reviewing your learning needs to help you build your learning plan.

Supervision and teaching plan: as part of this process, your supervisor may complete a supervision and teaching plan and consider how to assess your current level of competence, especially with regard to high risk or red flag areas. The aim of the plan is to identify areas requiring closer supervision to optimise training and minimise the risk of adverse outcomes for patients and registrars. The supervision and teaching plan can cover a comprehensive range of presentations and procedures that are common to general practice.

Pre-GP Term Assessment Report (PTAR): if you have already commenced in a GP term, your supervisor will have reviewed your PTAR prior to you starting. The PTAR is a summary of your training. It includes your contact details, a history of your placements, and all the competency assessments completed on you during GP community based terms, such Clinical Teaching Visits (CTVs) and competency assessments completed by your other supervisors. You can access your PTAR at any time in GPRime2 – go to your ‘Trainee Portfolio’ and click on the ‘Summary tab’.

Competency assessment: assessments of your progress during your term are very important for feedback and learning and are a mandatory part of training. Make sure that your supervisor has directly observed one or more consultations and completed a competency assessment early in the term. The first competency assessment is due in week 12 of your term. Use this as a learning opportunity, to gain feedback on how you are progressing through the term.