GP training excellence in Central, Eastern and South Western Sydney rewarded - GP Synergy

GP training excellence in Central, Eastern and South Western Sydney rewarded

Excellence and ongoing commitment to quality general practice education and training in Central, Eastern and South Western Sydney was celebrated at GP Synergy’s Seasonal Celebration and Awards Night in Bondi.

GP Synergy CEO Mr John Oldfield said that GP Synergy is committed to delivering a regionally-based training program that meets the needs of metropolitan, rural and remote communities.

“The training of GP registrars relies heavily on local GPs and accredited general practices to ensure GP registrars receive the training they require to understand and meet the needs of local communities.

“There are more than 320 accredited training practices across the Central, Eastern and South Western Sydney training subregion, with those practices training more than 330 registrars, the GP training network in the subregion deserves recognition,” Mr Oldfield said.

Supervisor of the Year Award | Dr Timothy Diep

Based at Redfern Station Medical Centre and Hyde Park Medical Centre, Dr Diep is one of our wonderful long-term supervisors having been a supervisor for more than 10 years. As a supervisor he is both approachable and dedicated. Dr Diep’s willingness to support those registrars who require extra assistance during their training, was a recurring theme in his Supervisor of the Year nominations.

Practice Manager of the Year Award | Ms Cheryl Walker

Cheryl has spent the last nine years as practice manager at the University of NSW Health Service, but all up has been a practice manager for more than 25 years. She loves her work and the opportunity to work with registrars and provide them with insight into general practice. Registrars appreciate Cheryl for the team environment she fosters; the support they receive in their training and care for their patients, as well as their own wellbeing.

Registrar of the Year Award | Dr John-Alec Tynan

Dr John-Alec Tynan obtained the highest Royal Australian College of General Practice exam scores in NSW and ACT in 2016/2017. As a registrar his approach was pro-active and hardworking, maintaining a high standard of medicine and being an advocate for general practice. Dr Tynan was also always ready to support registrars less experienced than himself through their training.

GP Synergy Employee of the Year | Ms Jani Mal

Jani has been with GP Synergy since 2010, when she joined the organisation as the Prevocational General Practice Placements Program Manager. In 2015 she moved into practice accreditation and is the Accreditation Team Leader. Jani is described as friendly, helpful, extremely organised and an asset to GP Synergy.

GP Synergy Employee of the Year | Dr Hadi Mirisaee

Hadi has been a business systems analyst with GP Synergy since July 2016. In that time, Hadi has enabled significant changes to be made to the functioning of GPrime. In part this has been due to his analytical mind, attention to detail and collaborative style. According to Hadi’s nominations he is a pleasure to work with, and always has a smile.