GP training brings doctors to Forbes - GP Synergy

GP training brings doctors to Forbes

The Forbes medical community is getting a boost with three doctors beginning their GP training in Forbes, joining the one doctor who has been training there since last year.

The doctors are starting their three-to-four-year journey to become specialist GPs.

Dr Shenoa Holliday grew up in Sydney but after stints working in Dubbo, Broken Hill and Orange is keen to make Western NSW her home.

“I chose general practice as I’ll be able to maintain my interest in women’s health but also have a huge variety of other medical conditions that I can be involved in managing, as well as trying for a bit better work-life balance.

“I chose Forbes as I was speaking with GP Synergy and saying I’ve got these obstetrics skills where would I be needed?

“I wanted to be somewhere that I could feel like I was being helpful in some way, and Forbes stuck up their hands and said, ‘We’ll have her”.

“Being in a smaller community I’m hoping will allow me to get to know my patients on a bit more of a person level and be involved in community projects and community activities.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to use my obstetrics skills and to become a valuable part of the practice where my skills and limited experience can be given the opportunity to develop and grow,” Dr Holliday said.

Local GP training organisation GP Synergy CEO, John Oldfield, said that rural GP registrars often have a diverse set of skills and knowledge.

“Procedural GPs, such as Dr Holliday with her skills in obstetrics, play an important role in filling the healthcare gap in many smaller rural communities like Forbes.

“Welcoming and supporting these new doctors into the community and developing robust rural training pipelines for them to pursue, is critical to building a strong and sustainable rural primary care workforce,” Mr Oldfield said.

There are currently 127 doctors training to become GPs in the Western NSW training region.