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GP trainee glad to return to her hometown

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Being able to train with GP Synergy as a specialist GP in her hometown of Port Macquarie has worked out perfectly for Dr Kate Coleman.

Dr Coleman is in her second term of training at accredited GP training practice, The Grange Family Medical Centre, and is thoroughly enjoying working as a GP.

“Working in the community as part of GP training has shown me what it’s like to work in a close-knit community in a regional area,” Dr Coleman said.

“Building a close rapport with patients and their families and providing their ongoing care, whilst being well supported by my primary GP supervisor, Dr Debra King, has been great.

“Coincidentally, one of my first GP placements as a medical student was with Dr Adam King, who is also now one of my GP supervisors.

“He introduced me to the versatility and attractive lifestyle of working as a GP on the Mid North Coast.

“Placements across regional and rural Queensland, rural Sri Lanka and South Africa, highlighted to me the importance of access to primary care and preventative medicine.

“I decided working in a regional area, as a GP, was particularly fitting for me, with my interests in preventative medicine and a family lifestyle.”

GP Synergy CEO, Georgina van de Water, said Dr Coleman is one of almost 170 GP trainees located across the North Coast region, with 15 training in the Kempsey-Port Macquarie-Laurieton area.

“On average a typical full time equivalent GP trainee will see more than 5180 consultations a year, making a significant contribution to primary health care.

“Doctors training through the Australian General Practice Training program are well supported with local delivery by our medical education teams, and supervision from GP Synergy accredited GPs, like those at The Grange Family Medical Centre.

“Since 2002, more than 10,000 doctors have become specialist GPs through the program nationally,” Mrs van de Water said.

Dr Coleman is finding training in Port Macquarie both fulfilling and hectic.

“In addition to working in practice, I’ve been able to teach final year medical students and maintain my hospital skills,” Dr Coleman said.

“On top of this, I’m surrounded by many of my close friends and family and have a fantastic lifestyle close to the beach, it didn’t take much to convince my husband to move here from Queensland!”


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