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'Give us a break' – new edition now available

GP_Synergy_Give us a break_NSW_GP_TrainingA new edition of the ‘Give us a break’ publication co-written by GP Synergy’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer Val Dahlstrom, produced by GPET, is now available.

The publication aims to refute some of the myths surrounding Aboriginal people, including their lifestyle and government entitlements, drawing on evidence based data.

This data proves, that despite the progress made, we still have some way to go before we achieve the Council of Australian Government (COAG) targets to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage.

To download a copy of the publication visit: http://www.gpet.com.au/Aboriginal-and-Torres-Strait-Islander-health/Publications

To request a hard copy of the publication please contact Paula Kunovsky: paulak@gpsynergy.com.au