Do you have a research idea? Share it with us! - GP Synergy

Do you have a research idea? Share it with us!

Share your ideas with us

Generating and discussing research questions is a critical part of the process. If you have an idea or a question related to vocational training that you feel may be suitable for research, please get in touch with us.

We can discuss your ideas and see if together we can generate an answerable research question and design an appropriate methodology within logistical and resource constraints. We work with our GP Synergy colleagues in designing the best possible research.

We will work with you through the steps to generate an answerable question, design a research methodology to answer the question, and prepare a proposal that is assessed and prioritised in collaboration with senior GP Synergy staff.  If the study comes to fruition, the continued participation of those who helped generate the question is greatly valued.

Contact Prof Parker MaginDr Linda Klein or Dr Alison Fielding to organise to meet or speak with us.