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Forster provides a great training ground for GPs

To become a GP takes many years of hard work and dedication, and Dr Emma Dasey is excelling as she works towards that goal.

Dr Dasey, who is training to become a specialist GP at Wallis Street Medical Centre, has been named GP Synergy’s Hunter, Manning and Central Coast Registrar of the Year, recognising her commitment to quality general practice education and training.

“I started medical school with the intention of being a rural or regional GP, having grown up in Gunnedah our GP was my primary point of contact with the medical profession.

“At university I had a lot more contact with other subspecialties in medicine, but I always came back to general practice.

“I enjoy the variety of every day in general practice, getting to know patients and their families and not only managing acute issues but chipping away at longer term problems,” Dr Dasey said.

Dr Dasey thinks there is a lot to like about being a doctor in Forster, including beginning each day at the beach.

“It’s been such a privilege to work with such a kind, knowledgeable and dedicated team at the Wallis Street Medical Centre.

“Winning the Registrar of the Year award for Hunter, Manning and Central Coast is a real honour, I’m very thankful for my nomination and for my colleagues and patients that make my job such a joy and a privilege,” she said.

Georgina van de Water, CEO of local general practice education and training provider GP Synergy, said during their three-to-four-year journey to become a specialist GP, GP registrars make a significant contribution to primary healthcare provision in local communities.

“GP registrars have undertaken more than 248,000 consultations across the Hunter, Manning and Central Coast region in the first half of this year alone,” Mrs van de Water said.

“GP Synergy is delighted to recognise Dr Dasey as the 2020 Registrar of the Year for Hunter, Manning and Central Coast, for commitment and excellence during her GP training.

“With more than 270 registrars currently training in accredited general practices across the Hunter, Manning and Central Coast region, Dr Dasey’s achievement is certainly something to be proud of.”


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