Former medical student returns to Glen Innes for GP training - GP Synergy

Former medical student returns to Glen Innes for GP training

It was during two GP placements as a University of New England medical student, that Dr James White became interested in working as a GP in Glen Innes.

“I was fascinated by the variety of rural medicine and the commitment of local GPs to getting the best health outcomes for their patients.

“This relationship with the GPs grew over time and broadened to include some friendships with people in Glen Innes.

“This ultimately resulted in my wife and I feeling comfortable in moving to the town and accepting a position at East Avenue Medical Centre,” Dr White said.

Since he was last in the Glen, Dr White has completed his medical training and is a fully qualified doctor. He is now undertaking another three to four years of training to specialise as a GP.

“Apart from meeting patients and my family becoming part of the town of Glen Innes, the broad experience of the local GPs is what I’m most looking forward to.

“In my work I think it will be quite rewarding to link people into medical services that they may not have access to and to apply and grow skills and experiences that I have mainly learnt in-hospital so far,” he said.

Dr Vanessa Moran, GP Synergy’s Director of Education and Training ACT & NSW said that GP Synergy’s regionally-tailored general practice training program helps create rural training pipelines for doctors like Dr White to work in regional and remote areas.

“GP Synergy is committed to supporting areas of need such as Glen Innes by assisting practices to become accredited training posts, and ensuring that GP supervisors and registrars are well supported in receiving the best medical training.

“We currently have 60 registrars training across the New England/Northwest region.

“We hope by training in rural communities, like Dr White, they will realise what a great part of the world this is to live and practise in,” Dr Moran said.

Dr White is looking forward to his family becoming part of the town of Glen Innes.

“I enjoy rural life and the people that choose to live in rural and regional areas.

“My wife and I think country life is great for a young family and are looking forward to having our two children grow up with the many freedoms and opportunities that it provides,” he said.