First PEP Workshop held at Liverpool - GP Synergy

First PEP Workshop held at Liverpool

Our first optional PEP Workshop was held at the GP Synergy Liverpool office, Saturday 30 November 2019. It was a great success with 36 PEP participants and seven medical educators attending.

The feedback from participants was very positive, with all participants indicating they would like to attend future workshops.

“The workshop was practical. It was very beneficial to have someone look at me and comment about my performance.”

“I liked everything about today’s workshop: the cases, the learning, the educators, the discussions.”

“The workshop was very constructive and helpful.”

“I liked the friendly atmosphere and it was well organised.”

“I enjoyed the interaction with other participants and the instructors, dealing with cases and the discussion about the approach to the patient and approach to clinical reasoning.”

“I liked the good structure of the workshop and the excellent medical educators. Learning new techniques of communication. Role playing was a helpful insight.”

Thanks everyone for attending and participating so constructively.