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Support during GP training

GP Synergy is committed to providing each registrar with support and advocacy throughout their training process. Below is a list of people and resources that are available to assist you:

  • Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO) – RLOs are peers from your cohort that have been assigned to a subregion. They are a great point of call for questions you have about contracts, work place conditions, linking up for study buddies, or sharing experiences about past and future practices.
  • Medical Educator (ME) – each registrar is allocated a ME to support them through their training. Your ME can help you navigate training requirements and policies, direct your questions and concerns and offer pastoral care. It is best to keep open lines of communication with your ME, especially if you are struggling or have a change in your circumstance. Your ME will be able to discuss all the available options with you, to best suit your needs.
  • Mentorship program – the GP Synergy mentorship program runs throughout the year to connect a registrar new to training (i.e. GPT1/PRRT1) with someone who has a bit more training experience(i.e. GPT3/PRRT3). Invitations to be involved go out in the last few weeks of term. If you have any questions on how to be involved, please email the program coordinator Deborah McPherson.
  • Leave from training – the AGPT policy outlines the types of leave accessible throughout GP training. In summary, if you are unwell for prolonged periods, you could apply for category 1 leave, which is uncapped. If you require leave for other personal or professional reasons, category 2 leave may be a more suitable options (essentially capped at 6 months). For more information, refer to the AGPT policy, GPRime or discuss with your ME.
  • Part-time options – work-life integration is always a challenge. GP training offers a degree of flexibility with the option of training in a part-time capacity. Talk to your ME to find out if this is an option for you and see the Part-Time FAQ guide for details.

The unique nature of GP can have its challenges as well as its rewards. Below are some resources that may aid you in navigating some of these challenges:

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