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e-mental health

The nature of medicine can mean we are often time-poor or working in locations where certain resources may not be readily available. We recommend you discuss with your GP if you would be suitable for engaging in e-mental health and which program would be most appropriate for you.

Below is a list of free podcasts/apps that may provide advice:

CALM Computer assisted learning of the mind is an initiative of the University of Auckland that contains podcasts on topics including:

  • mental resilience
  • managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • healthy relationships
  • finding meaning in life.

Pomegranate Healththese podcasts from the Royal Australian College of Physicians cover a wide range of topics, including ones relevant to doctors’ health and wellbeing:

Black Dog Institute e-Mental Health – the Black Dog Institute offer a series of apps and evidence-based automated and interactive programs including:

  • SHUTi (focusing on insomnia)
  • Black Dog Snapshot (mobile app to aide you in keeping track of your mental wellbeing)
  • myCompass (in managing symptoms of mild/moderate stress/anxiety and depression)

Smiling Mind is a not-for-profit organisation that believes mindfulness plays an important role mental and physical wellbeing, their free mindfulness app can be downloaded from their website.

Calm is an app for meditation and mindfulness to help manage anxiety, lower stress and improve sleep.

Stop, Breathe and Think is an emotional wellness platform for the ‘under 25’ generation, the app allows you to check in with how you’re feeling, and try short activities tuned to your emotions.

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