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Experiencing rural GP training pays off

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Supporting doctors to spend time training as specialist GPs in rural NSW is paying off.

Dr Huan Doan, who is training with GP Synergy, moved to Narrabri to complete a six-month rural training rotation at Bridge Medical Centre. He liked it so much he requested to stay for another six-month term.

It’s a trend seen across NSW with trainee GPs who choose a new composite urban/rural training program, finding rural training rewarding, and local communities welcoming.

“Outside of work the community itself have been very welcoming, which made it difficult to leave after just 6 months,” Dr Doan said.

“I’ve really enjoyed the ability to follow the long-term progress of patients.

“It’s always very rewarding to see positive outcomes over time and knowing that I’ve somehow been able to contribute to it, even if it is a small impact.

“Not only that, but in Narrabri I have more of an opportunity to manage complex presentations, which I think lets you develop better as a doctor.

“I still enjoy acute medicine and working here allows that by offering work in the hospital as a visiting medical officer.”

CEO of regional GP training organisation GP Synergy, Georgina van de Water, said the composite pathway provides urban based trainees with a supported opportunity to experience the benefits of training and working in a rural setting.

“There are currently more than 190 GP trainees on our composite training pathway in NSW,” Mrs van de Water said.

“We’ve been delighted that a number of doctors have chosen to stay in a rural area for a second term or transferred to a rural training pathway.

“Over the many years that we have been training doctors to specialise as GPs, the consistent feedback we receive is that doctors find rural training a rich and rewarding learning environment.

“The community can play a large in helping doctors settle in and form personal networks to encourage them to stay working rurally.”


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