Dr Callum Feally - GP Synergy

Dr Callum Feally


Why did you decide to become a rural GP?

The choice was an easy one really. There were three main factors:

  1. It angers me to see our rural population who feeds this country, missing out on adequate health care because of inadequate health staffing in the country.
  2. No other medical specialty provides the same broad scope of practice or the opportunity to provide such holistic care to our patients and their families.
  3. Country living beats city living hands down, in every respect bar consumer choice (but how much choice do you want?). There’s plenty of space, less noise, cleaner air, people are more friendly and sincere and there’s no better place for children to grow up.

What made you interested in procedural GP in particular?

Partly the desire to enable basic procedural services to be delivered to country people. It’s terrible to think that a woman has to leave her family and travel hundreds of kilometers to give birth because there is no anaesthetics service in the patient’s local area.

The same goes for vital basic emergency surgery like appendicectomies, hernia repairs or severe fractures.

I also need to use my hands. Procedural work provides me with an opportunity to do this.

What attracted you to undertake your GP training in New England/Northwest NSW?

We wanted an area to eventually settle in that had broad acre cropping/livestock, fertile country, reasonably prosperous communities and the infrastructure for procedural services. We sat down with a map of NSW and The New England/North West best fitted the bill.

What attracted you to Armidale?

Armidale has a smaller hospital while still offering a good range of surgical procedures. The anaesthetics service here has an excellent reputation for training. Plus, I prefer working in smaller hospitals because I enjoy the stronger sense of community amongst my co-workers. The town itself is great, it is picturesque, and has a good feel to it. The people here have just been so friendly and welcoming so far. I’m looking forward to just immersing myself in this new phase of training, exploring the surrounding area with my family and just being back in a smaller town again.