Director of Training update - GP Synergy

Director of Training update

Rosa Canalese 3_croppedWelcome

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the new term, which commenced on the 4th August. I hope everyone has settled in and that all the required administrative processes were completed satisfactorily.

Just a couple of reminders as we go into our second term with GPRime2:

– Please ensure that you are completing your practice logs in a timely manner; these logs provide important information about your teaching hours and patient numbers and are often referred to when making decisions about training time.

– Direct observation of GP registrar’s consultations should be occurring throughout the term, but especially in these early weeks; these not only provide essential information for the completion of formative assessments, but also help to ensure that GP registrar’s consultation skills are at a satisfactory and safe level for the practice.

– GP supervisor formative assessments of their GP registrar are required every 2 months during the term and are completed via GPRime2.

New formative assessment processes

A very big thank you to all the GP supervisors who successfully completed the formative assessments via GPRime 2 during the first semester, as well as to all our clinical teaching visitors who have also had to adjust to a new reporting format.

It can be challenging moving to a new system and way of doing things, and we appreciate your assistance with these changes.

We expect that the new competency based assessment process will provide us with valuable information about how GP registrars are progressing throughout training and I look forward to being able to analyse and present this information at the upcoming GPET convention in September; as well as providing feedback to everyone about the progress of this tool.

ME team staff changes

Dr Jane Marr finished with us as a medical educator at the end of last term, but we are pleased that she will continue to be involved in GP registrar education sessions, as well as clinical teaching visits.

Dr Graham Lee, one of our Sydney based Medical educators will be assisting the New England/Northwest team in their support of GP registrars; in particular for the rural pathway GP registrars who are completing their hospital year of training. Graham is already a regular visitor to the region, working closely with Tamworth Hospital in his Director of Prevocational Training role, as well as participating in their education program. We welcome Graham’s new role with our rural pathway GP registrars.

GP Supervisor professional development

I would like to remind GP supervisors of the professional development requirements for being a GP supervisor. You are required to complete a professional development activity every 6 months that you are the assigned supervisor for a registrar.

There are a range of activities that can be undertaken to meet these requirements. For further information see the ‘GP Supervisor Professional Development’ document on GPRime under Forms and documents. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact myself ( or Senior Medical Educator, Dr Eszter Fenessy contact (