Director of Registrar Education update - GP Synergy

Director of Registrar Education update

The start of the new training term provides a welcome opportunity to provide an overview of GP Synergy’s registrar education program.

Education for registrars in their first or second GP terms

GP Synergy runs a 12 month educational program regionally in all of our eight subregions for registrars in their first and second GP term placements.

Each regional program covers a set of common topics because irrespective of where a registrar may work, common health issues and learning needs are present. Examples of common topics are chronic diseases, communication skills and musculoskeletal medicine.

As well as these common topics, regional programs include regionally specific topics that address community health and registrars’ learning needs. Examples of regionally specific topics include farm health, envenomation and refugee health.

Every year in June, all first and second GP Synergy GP term registrars attend a three-day conference called Fusion in Sydney. Presentations are delivered by specialist GPs, physicians, surgeons and allied health professional to provide an intensive ‘lecture style’ conference. Not only highly educational, it is also a great opportunity for registrars to network and meet their fellow registrars from NSW and ACT. Connections are often made during Fusion to help develop study groups in registrars’ future preparation for their college exams.

The registrar education program is not intended to deliver the entire bi-college curricula in a year – this would be impossible! Its purpose is also not to teach a registrar how to pass an exam (exam technique can be best learned through study groups and attending the pre-exam workshops).

The intentions of GP Synergy’s registrar education program are several and include the following:

  • to deliver topics not easily learnt through self- directed learning (such as mental health skills training and population health)
  • to address nationally identified health priority needs (such as diabetes and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health)
  • to create opportunities for peer-to-peer learning (such as through workshops, group work and procedural skills day).

Education for registrars in their third and fourth GP terms

In 2018 GP Synergy introduced a new educational event for registrars in their third and fourth GP term placements (this was in response to feedback received by registrars in previous years). These workshops were extremely well evaluated and consequently will continue moving forward into 2019 and beyond. This is in addition to the extensive exam preparation workshop series already in place.

Supporting our registrars in training is imperative. GP Synergy provides several online resources accessible through GPRime’s ‘Quick Links & Subscriptions’ tab. They include:

  • SupportGPT: 16 online modules to support in-practice teaching and education
  • Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) online, AMH Aged Care and Children’s online companions
  • Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG complete)
  • Rural and Remote Medical Education Online (RRMEO) modules from ACRRM available for access by GP Synergy’s rural pathway registrars.

And lastly, for individualised educational discussions regarding progress through GP training, registrars have an excellent resource in their medical educator…why not during your next TA contact discuss your specific educational needs and objectives?

Dr Anna Sallos | Director of Registrar Education