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GP Synergy supports diploma for Aboriginal Medical Service staff

GP Synergy, the largest provider of vocational and prevocational general practice training in NSW, is delighted to support sixteen Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) staff from across NSW to AMS_GP_Synergy_PMgt_Diploma_postcomplete a Diploma in Practice Management.

In collaboration with the Open Training Education Network (OTEN) Western Sydney Institute, the nationally recognised diploma has been tailored to specifically meet the needs of AMS practice staff.

GP Synergy CEO, Mr John Oldfield, says the benefits of having skilled staff working in AMS facilities can have a profound impact on the operations of the facilities and their ability to engage in activities such as training GP registrars.

“I have been very fortunate to visit numerous AMS facilities around the country over the years,” says Mr Oldfield. “Some of these facilities are simply ‘first-class’ with a common thread underlying their success – a positive culture that adopts good governance and managerial practice.”

Mr Oldfield says although the course is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge that you would expect of practice managers, it goes a lot deeper than that.

“AMS facilities are made up of a complex set of social, cultural, and clinical dimensions that need to be coordinated and work in harmony.

“Together with OTEN we have designed a holistic course that is considerate of these dimensions and explores ways for participants to apply the practical skills they have learned to achieve positive results.”

Val Dahlstrom, GP Synergy’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer and cultural elder from Moree says the diploma is a wonderful opportunity for AMS staff.

“The course allows them to enhance the skills they already have, to offer a holistic family and community based service, and acquire new skills to ensure these services are needs based and strategically planned with measurable outcomes” says Val.

“This allows them to take advantage of sudden opportunities while building a safe basis on which to provide the services.”

Consisting of ten days face to face learning with supported online sessions, the course is being attended by staff from AMS facilities in Tamworth, Inverell, Moree, Wellington, Coonamble, Dubbo, as well as Southwestern Sydney.

Mr Oldfield says he is delighted there has been such a warm reception to the program.

“We are privileged to work with our AMS services, industry partners, and OTEN to develop and deliver this course,” says Mr Oldfield.

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Photo: Diploma participants at the two day orientation workshop held at GP Synergy’s training centre.

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