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Developmental Disability: Clinician resources

georgia-davidson-surfing-developmental-disability-clinician-resourcesDevelopmental Disability (DD) is defined by an individual having an IQ<70 and at least 2 areas of disability e.g. epilepsy, gastrointestinal disorders, mental health etc. This is an unpopular teaching subject, however its prevalence and morbidity rivals the poor statistics seen in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and therefore DD must be prioritised in the medical education curriculum.

To address this priority, GP Synergy has been involved in the collaborative development of learning activities which seek to address the many barriers faced by clinicians in treating patients with DD (such as cognitive/communication difficulties, difficulty with physical examination and lengthy consultation times).


  • Women’s Health Workbook: A workbook for patients, carers and their doctors developed in partnership with NSW Health.
  • Health and Disability – Partners in Action: Link to a product request form for teaching and learning resources including DVDs, student workbooks, tutors guide and knowledge base developed by CDDH Victoria and Monash University.
  • Fitting Disability into Practice PPT with case videos: A PowerPoint presentation incorporating ways to use Medicare items to map out a year of good health care for people with intellectual disability.The following links give you access to the original PowerPoint presentation as well as the two embedded videos. Right-click and select “Save Target As…” (or the equivalent for your web browser) to download and save the files to the same folder/directory on your computer.

Please note: all three items must be downloaded – and – to the same folder on your computer

Case studies: