CTV research project update - GP Synergy

CTV research project update

The GP Synergy Research and Evaluation Unit was already undertaking a grant-funded research project to examine the content and educational utility of CTVs when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. This study uses a prospective cohort design, collecting online questionnaire-based data from both the CT visitor and registrar immediately after each CTV.

Anecdotally, remote CTV delivery has been largely welcomed by both CT visitors and registrars, with some positive benefits identified and specific educational limitations acknowledged e.g. inability to assess physical examination skills.

The impact of COVID-19 on face-to-face CTVs and the pivot to remote CTVs gave an opportunity to explore the differences between both from the perspective of the registrar and the CT visitor.

The study looks at outcome factors that relate to the CTV in the following areas:

  • prompting change in registrars’ clinical practice
  • prompting change in registrars’ education and training
  • providing feedback (from the assessor) consistent with previous intra-practice feedback to the registrar.

Interim results from May to November 2020 indicate, from the registrar perspective, no drop in utility of the CTV delivered remotely. This interim analysis suggests the effects of COVID-19 on this important aspect of GP vocational training have been well managed with the alternative modalities of CTV delivery.

We look forward to sharing more data as the research project progresses.