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CT visitors perspective – Dr Steve Peterson

This year I have done two face to face CTVs before they were ceased and I just did my first remotely. It went much better than I expected.

There were a few particular positives that I didn’t see coming. The first was being able to see the registrar’s screen as they were utilising software which was more helpful than popping over after the consultation to get a brief look at the completed notes. The second was being able to sit in with one of my own registrars, who are often located hundreds of kilometres away so wasn’t practical for myself as a quadraplegic to do those CTVs. It was nice to observe him directly rather than rely on information from other people. I found I could still see the patient and see the interaction between register and doctor easily enough.

There were some negatives in that I couldn’t completely see any physical examination but given the ability to avoid transport time I could see this being a useful option to continue even after the coronavirus pandemic for the right registrar at the right time of their training.

Dr Steven Peterson | Medical Educator