Coffs Harbour GPs enhance skills to train next generation - GP Synergy

Coffs Harbour GPs enhance skills to train next generation

Nearly 20 local GPs gathered in Coffs Harbour on Saturday for a professional development workshop hosted by local general practice training provider, GP Synergy.

The gathering reflects the commitment of local GPs to ensuring the region is well placed to attract and offer high quality training to the next generation of GPs.

Dr Hafiz Talib who completed his own GP training in Coffs Harbour is keen to contribute to training the next generation of GPs here.

“I have always been passionate about teaching, and with everything that I’ve learnt over the years as a doctor, I feel I should share that with future doctors.

“I enjoy working with the GP trainees as I feel that there is a two-way learning experience each time we have teaching sessions.

“Being a GP supervisor also means keeping up to date with my own clinical knowledge to teach the GP registrars.

“Supervisors getting together in events such as this training workshops is very important because it helps us learn from each other.

“Some GP supervisors, like myself, are relatively new and training workshops provide a great platform to learn from experienced GP supervisors, it also helps us develop supportive networks.

“I’d definitely recommend Coffs Harbour to doctors thinking about GP training,” Dr Talib said.

GP Synergy CEO, Cameron Wilson, said GP supervisors and general practice staff are an essential part of training the future health workforce.

“GP supervisors play a crucial role in ensuring GP registrars develop the skills and knowledge needed to understand and meet local population health care needs.

“Across the North Coast region, there are more than 200 accredited GP supervisors and almost 190 GP registrars in training,” Mr Wilson said.


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