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Ever wondered what GP registrar’s typical day looks like?

Have you ever wondered what a typical GP registrar's day looks like? What types of patients they treat? What type of medicine they see? Watch the short video below ...
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Top 10 tips for preparing a study plan

Exams are a part of life for medical students and doctors. And regardless of how often we sit exams, with so many things happening in ...
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Internship choices – what’s best for you?

Are you feeling unsure about applying for a hospital internship? It can be complicated as each hospital (or hospital network) is different. Here are some ...
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Breaking bad news – a GP registrar’s experience

One ordinary morning, years ago when I was a GP registrar, an elderly couple came in to see me. After I finished seeing the wife, ...
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Going Rural – living and working as a doctor in the country

"Having now lived and worked in rural NSW for the best part of 3 decades, I have been lucky enough to experience the benefits of ...
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