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New England/Northwest | North Eastern NSW

Are you wondering about GP training in the New England/Northwest subregion? Three registrars undertaking their training in the subregion told us what they think.

What do you like about rural general practice?

Dr Suha Tazami, Armidale (Extension Awaiting Fellowship): I enjoy the fact that in rural general practice we have a wider scope of practice. We also get a chance to look after patients in the practice and admit them to hospital, VMO admitting rights is a real advantage. Covering the emergency department as a GP I find quite exciting.

Dr Helen Keteku, Tamworth and Werris Creek (GPT3): Training in a rural area you get to experience a lot of different medical issues, you see different people of all ages, you cover everything.

Dr Maelle Morgan, Moree (Extended Skills): I love the great diversity in rural general practice, and I love working in general practice and the hospital, I work in emergency as a VMO. I see motor vehicle accidents, machinery accidents, snake bites in summer and red back spider bites.

Would you recommend training in a rural area?

Dr Keteku: Training in a rural area you also get to experience a lot of different medical issues, you see different people of all ages, you cover everything.

You spend more time with patients and there is a wider range of experience in rural areas that probably won’t get in metropolitan areas. It is challenging but a great way to push your education as a GP – I would highly recommend it.

Dr Tazami: Definitely! Being part of a smaller community and being able to assimilate and become part of the community is very special. There is a nice feeling of belonging.

Dr Morgan: I would definitely recommend it, there is no way I would move back to the city or Gold Coast after this. In town there are 10 GPs and everyone knows each other, we’ve all got each other’s mobile numbers and we can contact anyone at any time. There are five GP registrars here at the moment and we all love it.

What do you like about living in New England / Northwest?

Dr Morgan: There is tonnes of stuff to do in and around Moree, since we’ve been here we’ve got a dog, a caravan and a 4WD – so we go travelling on weekends.

Moree is rural and remote while still being central — there are daily flights to Sydney and Brisbane and they’re only an hour. It’s also not too far to drive to Brisbane.

Dr Tazami: I really enjoy Armidale. I love the weather – the cold winters! Despite the fact Armidale is considered rural it has a cosmopolitan feel, with the variety of people from ethnic backgrounds, it’s such a special town.

Dr Keteku: I am really enjoying training in Tamworth. You get to experience being part of the community – especially with other doctors. Being in a smaller region, you get to know each other and it’s a supportive environment as a result.

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