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Western NSW

Why did you decide to train in Western NSW?

Having worked and lived in Dubbo for a couple of years, I’ve really enjoyed working with both my patients and colleagues here.

Everyone has a ‘can do’ attitude, and I think we are really lucky to have such a hardworking group of health professionals in the area too.

I like the people here in Dubbo. It’s a great community and I really enjoy being a part of it!

Why did you choose to specialise as a GP?

Working with patients to keep them healthy and contributing more to their continuity of care is something I’ve been looking forward to and I had realised I enjoyed a lot of different specialties as part of my hospital rotations.

The fact that I could complete all my training rurally was also a drawcard. Long term I want to work in rural general practice, and I have a special interest in mental health which I hope to complete some further training in at some stage.

What have you enjoyed about starting GP training?

I’ve liked the variety of patients and presentations, and the help and support from my supervisors.

Being rid of shift work and having my circadian rhythm back is also a plus!

What have been the challenges?

Seeing a lot of new things that don’t tend to come up in hospital and the time constraints of general practice have been challenging, but I have found my supervisor really helpful and my efficiency and time management are improving with experience.

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