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Western NSW

Currently in her first term of training in Dubbo, Dr Smith is enjoying the experience of living and working in Western NSW.

“I decided to become a GP as I like the variety that general practice offers and the ability to provide continuity of care for patients over time.

“I think the best aspect of training has been getting to know a variety of patients and their circumstances – particularly learning about what life is like and the challenges people face running a farm, or owning a large property, as they’re quite different from the challenges of life in Sydney.

“I would definitely recommend training in a rural area, being rural you get to be a part of the local community in a way that’s not as easy to do in a big city like Sydney.

“And the lifestyle is definitely better!” Dr Smith said.

Dr Smith’s ambition is to continue working in Western NSW as a GP after she finishes training.

“In my third year of medicine, I moved to Dubbo to do a year of training at the School of Rural Health.

“After graduating from medical school I did my internship and residency in and around Newcastle and then moved back to Dubbo at the beginning of this year to start GP training.

“I met my now fiance, who is from Dubbo, while I was here as a medical student and so have moved back to complete my training in general practice and then, hopefully, stay long term,” Dr Smith said.

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